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Justin Earned 13 Sales For $642 Profit!

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Where Does The Traffic Come From?

I am proudly providing quality traffic that comes from the top tier countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Over 70% of my traffic comes from these countries, and the rest 30% comes from English speaking countries (the traffic is worldwide).

We do not guarantee that you will get exactly 70% of top tier country traffic.
These are the results we usually experience, but they may vary!

- 9,000+ subscribers with buyers included
- Built with targeted Organic Traffic, PPC and Trusted Solo Vendors.
- Growing at between 250-300 subscribers per day!
- “Make Money Online” and “Internet Marketing” niche.

And, Here’s What I’d Like You To Do Next :

Please Review My Terms Of Service Below:

  • All solos will be sent out to my lists only, NO exit pop-ups, NO traffic exchanges, NO safelists, NO other things other than my lists.
  • Solos are ONLY for Internet Marketing related free offers, MLM/Networking ads, paid offers and CB offers. You, of course can also have as many paid OTO’s as you wish after the subscriber has opted in to your list.)
  • Preferably I will write the swipe. If you would like to provide your swipe then I have the right to change it if it’s needed. Please keep your ad short and sweet.
  • I RESERVE the right to refuse ANY solo ads. If I do not think it’s a good fit and if you cannot change the ad copy or URL, I will refund your money.
  • I reserve the right to start sending traffic to the URL before the provisional date.


I Would Like You To Go Ahead And Select One Of The Following Solo Ad
Services That Match Your Personal & Business Needs, Today!

100 Unique Clicks – $50

(0.50 Cost Per Click)

150 Unique Clicks – $75

(0.50 Cost Per Click)

200 Unique Clicks – $100

(0.50 Cost Per Click)

300 Unique Clicks – $150

(0.50 Cost Per Click)

400 Unique Clicks – $200

(0.50 Cost Per Click)

500 Unique Clicks – $250

(0.50 Cost Per Click)

600 Unique Clicks – $300

(0.50 Cost Per Click)

700 Unique Clicks – $350

(0.50 Cost Per Click)

800 Unique Clicks – $400

(0.50 Cost Per Click)

900 Unique Clicks – $450

(0.50 Cost Per Click)

1,000 Unique Clicks – $500

(0.50 Cost Per Click)

Have any questions? Please feel free to email me at:
Or, you can reach out to me on Skype at: More_Royalties
(this is my user name – do a search for it, I am in Maryland)

All the best to you,

P.S. – Your Business, Is My Business. I Want You To Succeed In Your Marketing Goals Because I Will Succeed with You. You Have Nothing To Lose. Order Your Chosen Number Of Clicks Today!

DISCLAIMER: I CANNOT determine the results you will receive with your solo ad. It is up to you to have a high converting offer and sales funnel. You should know how well your squeeze page converts. However, I could guarantee that your offer will be sent to my high quality & responsive list and you’ll get the UNIQUE clicks that you paid for